HIPHOPCONCERTS.COM is a nationwide concert tracker that allows individuals and it’s members to search the site according to any month of the year in search of any show, tour or concert featuring their favorite hip-hop artist or performer(s) who are currently performing anywhere in the U.S. or worldwide.

Not only will people be able to retrieve this information for their own personal leisure or planning, but they will also be able to purchase tickets either directly from the venue itself, or from one of HIPHOPCONCERTS.COM’s pending online ticket providers.

With so many hip-hop events going on, at times many find if difficult to find the needed information to attend such events without missing a show or due to insufficient date, time and other related information. So by the time many find out about an event, it’s usually passed or it’s too late.

But with now with the launch of HIPHOPCONCERTS.COM, Individuals will never miss another hip-hop concert, tour or performance.

The site also allow visitors to search for major acts performing at some of the more smaller venues, which are scattered around from city to city thanks to the sites Quick Jump concert finder.

This feature allows one to select the specific month of their preference and find all the various hip-hop events that are listed nationwide and even worldwide on a crisp calendar-like interface.

Unlike any other site, HIPHOPCONCERTS.COM will even allow promoters, fans and even artists alike to list their own events or shows thanks to the Interactive Submission Form that’s readily available on the bottom section of the site.

THis Interactive Submission Form allows one to submit the date of the event, the artist performing, the location and other related info which is then sent to the sites administrator for final submission.

Once the information is received, the listed information is then checked and verified for accuracy and posted on the site within 24 hours.

"Indeed we feel very excited about this portal and the huge possibilities that are available," says concert portal founder Gary Stephens.

"Providing such a site that specifically caters to hip-hop entertainment is a major step not only for the millions of hip-hop consumers, but also the hard working artists and promoters who seek to deliver their events to their respected fans.

The launching of for the hip-hop community is similar to the launching of BET for urban entertainment, and that is the ability to provide an independent yet powerful voice for hip-hop when it comes to our culture, our talents and our events.

Not only will people be able to find hip-hop concert and show related information on the site, but promoters and organizers will also be able to book artist through the site through our Contact Referral Service.

This feature will allow promoters and contact persons alike with established credentials to book any artists as listed in our booking database by getting in touch with the needed persons in order to book an artist for a specified event.

Indeed this is a very exciting day for hip-hop and the buzz is overwhelming. We are very excited and can’t wait for the world to see or hear the term HIPHOPCONCERTS.COM.

With marketing plans already in the making with major radio stations across the U.S. and pending ticket outlets, HIPHOPCONCERTS.COM plans to provide online ticket sales to every event as listed on the site by the end of the year with a full scale marketing campaign starting November 16th.

Currently, our network of current and potential sponsors and affiliates include: with a list of shared sponsorships which include Adidas, Verizon Wireless, Pepsi™, Jurassic 5, Sure™, Microsoft's X-Box™, Tower Records™, and Orbitz™.

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